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Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock Departs from Fallen Earth Team

By Stacy Jones -

The end of an era has arrived with the Fallen Earth team as Lead Designer Lee Hammock departs from wasteland territory to become the new story writer for Gargantuan, a branch of Gazillion Entertainment, the people behind the revitalized Marvel Universe Online MMOG. Hammock, affectionately known as the "The Bearded Man" is gone, but the Fallen Earth team will continue to evolve the game and grow its apocalyptic wasteland into an even bigger world as they continue the march to their 1.4 update deadline. We wish Lee the best in his new role.

We wanted to share a bit of inside news with our community about an upcoming change to our team. We would like you to join us in taking a moment to bid farewell to Lee Hammock (aka “The Beard Man”) as he begins his new position as the Story Designer for Gargantuan.

Check out the full announcement here.
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