9Dragons “Tibet” Expansion Released

Posted Tue, Apr 20, 2010 by Martuk

Acclaim Games recently announced the launch of the Tibet expansion to their ancient Chine-based MMORPG, 9Dragons. The expansion gives the level cap a nice bump to level 200 and introduces a new map loaded with fresh new challenges, quests, and explorable areas. One of the more intriguing features to be implemented are the triggered day and night combat buffs, which similar mechanics have been talked about by several developers in the past, but only implemented by a few.

As Tibet expands in stages there will also be a new dungeon unsealed and several new game mechanics introduced such as day and night triggered combat buffs, as well as a new capture the flag Player vs Player (PvP) combat mechanism called Formations.  Black and White Clan factions vie for control of three different control points which give buffs to the side that captures them.  If a faction manages to control all three Formations, the buffs are mega-increased for all players of that faction.



GamesCampus announces that it will assume control of North American services for 9Dragons from GamersFirst on September 20th.

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