Fallen Earth: Blood Sports PvP Impressions

By Reuben Waters -

Last Friday, Fallen Earth players were treated to one of the most comprehensive and feature rich updates since the game's launch in the form of Blood Sports. Most prominent among the included features are the update's namesake arena-style PvP matches that are available to all players level 5 and up. Resident clone Reuben “Sardu” Waters recently spent some time both with the Fallen Earth team as well as in-game to see how the wasteland smackdown action stacks up.

A quick return trip through Midway later I hit the magical level 5 and hopped on my horse to set out for the nearest NPC who could register me to participate in Blood Sports. I naturally made a few stops to scavenge along the way, and after being slaughtered by a pack of angry Blood Rabbits that apparently weren’t all too keen on me butchering their friends to make a new pair of shoes, I was feeling pretty confident with my melee skills. And what better place to put them to work than in some CTF matches?

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