ArenaNet Interviews Kristen Perry on Fashion in Guild Wars 2

By Reuben Waters -

For the latest update to the official ArenaNet blog for Guild Wars 2, Marketing and Web Writer David Campbell sat down with multi-talented Guild Wars 2 character artist Kristen Perry to discuss her role in bringing the characters and NPCs to life through her distinctive clothing designs. While the interview may be less focused on major gameplay reveals than some of the previous blog posts, it's nonetheless a fascinating read. The Guild Wars titles have always had some of the best and most distinctive armor designs in the fantasy genre, and it certainly sounds as though Kristen intends to continue that trend by 1uping her previous efforts with GW2.

Is there a significant difference between the games in terms of design and the tools available to you?

Oh good golly, we had to completely reinvent ourselves. There are leagues of difference in terms of process and result between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Perhaps one of the most significant new tools is the use of normal maps. For the first time, we can make use of much higher modeling techniques to add richness to an otherwise modest poly budget. We do have more polys to throw around as well, but there’s a lot to be said for the smoke-and-mirror use of a good normal map. I think perhaps what I love the most, besides normals and the fun of 3D sculpting, would be the silhouette polys I can now add and the higher texture resolution that goes with it. A collar may have edge depth, whereas before it may have just been a texture shadow. I can add more fullness to forms and folds and really get a nice layered look.

The interview also includes some excellent character renders featuring some of the clothing designs used for the people of Divinity's Reach as seen below:

In Guild Wars 2, Divinity's Reach will serve as the capitol of Kryta and the base for humans. Fans of the original Prophecies campaign will be familiar with the Divinity Coast mission in which you're tasked with bringing the Eye of Janthir to the coastal city of Loamhurst, which is the area in which the new “cultural melting pot” of Divinity's Reach will be located.

Be sure to check out the full interview with Kristen Perry on Fashion in Guild Wars 2 at the official ArenaNet blog, and then hop on over to the Ten Ton Hammer forums and share your thoughts!

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