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New Guild Wars 2 Interview Details Races and Lore

Posted Wed, May 19, 2010 by Sardu

While most of the playable races featured in ArenaNet’s upcoming Guild Wars 2 were originally introduced in the core Guild Wars Prophecies campaign (Humans and Charr), or with the Eye of the North expansion (Asura and Norn) the Sylvari are relatively new to the Guild Wars universe. In a recent interview, fans are given an interesting look at how each of these races will fit into the future of Tyria, as well as some fresh insights into what the Sylvari are all about.

ZAM: The Norn, Charr, and Asura all were, but they were often just allies or enemies…

Soesbee: But we do have the Sylvari, which are a race that no one has seen before. Lorewise, the Sylvari will have very important things to do, but playwise, there were holes in our archetypes. There’s the character that’s very invested in nature, there’s the chivalrous character that’s very knightly, there’s the elflike character who’s very fey… and we wanted to appeal to those players too. A lot of players were saying that they loved the smart Asura or that they love the Charr because they rip people’s heads off. There was this entire faction of dedicated fantasy gamers that came to our game wanting to see themselves reflected in the world, and we wanted to make sure that was there.

The interview, which is the first of a two part series at ZAM titled Reinventing Tyria, goes on to cover many other interesting and lesser known aspects of how GW2 will ultimately differ from the original game, so it’s well worth the read.

Another standout element from the interview gives mention to everyone’s favorite hero from the original game, Prince Rurik:

There was so much that we wrote right at the beginning of Prophecies… there was a background story centered around King Adelbern and how he claimed the throne and his son (Prince Rurik) and Althea and the wedding they were supposed to have.  There’s this gigantic amount of lore that we wanted to show and didn’t have a chance to show.

We can only hope that the tale of Rurik and Althea’s wedding is eventually shown – in a second Bonus Mission Pack perhaps? Only time will tell, but in the here and now be sure to give the interview a read and then share your thoughts right here in the Ten Ton Hammer Guild Wars 2 forums!


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