Guild Wars 2 – The Anatomy of a Skill Bar

By Reuben Waters -

Even before the original Guild Wars first launched in the spring of 2005, one of the hottest topics during the Beta Weekend Event series was focused on builds. Since many of the available skills were known by that point, forums were flooded with a constant stream of debates about things such as which secondary skills complimented which primary profession best, or why one elite skill was worth its weight in gold while another was seen as particularly pointless for PvP.

We may not know the specifics of available skills for Guild Wars 2 as of yet, but thanks to one of the first combat reveals for the new title it seems the great build debate will continue to rage on even 250 years into Tyria’s future. Only this time around, ArenaNet has added a bit more structure to the ways in which builds are constructed which we’ll take a closer look at in Guild Wars 2 – The Anatomy of a Skill bar.

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