All Points Bulletin - Working up for Release

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With just over two weeks until release, All Points Bulletin is revving up for release and pushing the hype. Not sure if APB is the MMOG you're looking for? MMORPG.com has a great interview with APB's lead designer EJ Moreland that covers all the basics and touches upon all the reasons why this will be a MMOG like no other.

Really what we think is, and this is from my experience as well as DaveÂ’s (Jones), when you go on a lot of MMOs, you go and you raid, you do your groups, you get your loot, but really what you remember at the end of the day is, not what the quest was about or what the raid was about, itÂ’s how much fun you had with the people. ItÂ’s the funny situations; the screw-ups; the last-minute victories. And so for us, we put all these tools together to let you really create what you want to look like in a really fun approachable action game, and then let you record that and tell your story.

Read the full interview here and let us know if APB is on your to-do list this summer!
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