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Exclusive Guild Wars 2 Warrior and Traits Q&A with Lead Designer Eric Flannum

Posted Mon, Jun 21, 2010 by Sardu

Excitement for ArenaNet’s upcoming Guild Wars 2 continues to build as more gameplay details are revealed. One such aspect of the game that’s been the hot topic of discussion among fans was the recent announcement of the Traits system. We had a few questions on how this system will function in the live game, and while rampant speculation is always fun sometimes it’s better to go directly to the source. That’s exactly what we did, and Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum was awesome enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to provide us more details on traits as well as further insights into skill chains and the Warrior profession.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will other professions be able to utilize skill chains, or are those something a bit more specific to the Warrior profession since its obviously very weapon dependent?

Eric: We pretty much run the spectrum on that one. I think it’s fair to say that no profession uses them more than the warrior (who has one on every melee weapon). The more melee oriented the profession is the more heavily they rely on chain skills although there are some exceptions to this where chain skills are sprinkled into some professions that make less use of them.

It is time to party in Guild Wars 2 with ArenaNet today as they release their new Living World update “Festival of the Found Winds”.
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