Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Wish List Items

By David Piner -

Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to become one of the greatest MMOs we have ever seen. Yet, we ask the question: what would make the game really awesome? David "Xerin" Piner takes a look at the top five things he'd like to see in Guild Wars 2.

I remember my first time playing the original Guild Wars when we arrived at The Great Northern Wall, the very first mission you undertake leaving pre-searing. Your party travels across the field until you reach a certain point and you find yourself fleeing a massive army of Charr. Instantly, after the cutscene, one party member was annihilated by the vicious and uncaring Charr. A second soon met his demise when he was too slow to “get” the idea that we needed to run for our lives. I mourn their losses quickly as I rush back toward the safety of the NPCs at the start with my friend but we’re quickly blindsided by more Charr.

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