A Tale in the Desert 4 Coming to an End

Posted Mon, Jul 12, 2010 by Martuk

eGenesis, makers of A Tale in the Desert, has announced that A Tale in the Desert 4 is coming to an end and A Tale in the Desert 5 will soon begin. Players will have the chance to vote for which of the two brothers that have been dividing Egypt will become Pharaoh. The two brothers have been a key part of A Tale in the Desert 4, pulling players in opposite directions since its start. The winner of a server-wide election between the two will become the Pharaoh of Egypt as it moves into A Tale in the Desert 5. Whatever the players choose will have a lasting impact on the game.

This decision will have other long lasting repercussions. If players choose Wahim, it will be business as usual, as the tests they are designing for the monuments in A Tale in the Desert 4 will be implemented in Tale 5. However, if they choose Sami, there will be no new player designed tests. Instead, the players will be able to invent 7 new technologies, which could completely change the content of the game. The passing technologies will be coded for Tale 5. Technologies affect how things are crafted and built in the game, as everything, from wood planed into boards to blowing glass to the giant monuments at the end, is built by the players using technology.


Make sure to pay your rent. Turbine is foreclosing on LOTRO houses that are past due and putting them back on the market.

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