Star Trek Online State of the Game Examines Season Two and Future Plans

By Stacy Jones -

Star Trek Online (STO) has been aggressively adding new content and tweaks since its launch and this month's "State of the Game" recaps all the new content from the game's first six months of operation and what the new Season Two update will add to the STO universe. One of the biggest complaints after the Season One update was a lack of content despite the updates new features. Season Two will address this by providing new missions across the board for both Federation and Klingon players and the devs have even made a commitment to provide weekly missions starting in August.

Season Two will also introduce several new features such as the Federation Diplomatic Corps, Fleet Logos, minigames, and much more. The "State of the Game" also examines plans for the next six months and a message from the new producer Daniel Stahl.

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