Exclusive Fallen Earth Patch v1.6 Graphic Enhancement Images

By Reuben Waters -
Fallen Earth will soon be getting another major dose of awesome as Patch v1.6 is due to hit the live servers this week. Among the new features included in the patch are the ability to paint vehicles, flag yourself for PvP and utilize a minor respec. But that's not all! The Fallen Earth team has also been hard at work on a fresh batch of graphics enhancements. Ten Ton Hammer has a series of exclusive images to give you a sneak peak at some of the excellent new graphics for trees you'll soon discover as you scamper around the post-apocalyptic wonderland.

Art Director Chris “Devo” Deavellar explains:

The texture resolutions are much higher, and the trees have more well-defined shape and features (such as having individual leaves).

The trees now have a transmission effect on the leaves, which gives the leaves a back-lighting as the sunlight passes through and we also added spherical lighting to the overall tree, which gives the trees body and fullness by giving the sun a surface to light. They include ambient occlusion, which gives a nice shadowing to the tree's interior, again adding to the fullness and overall shape.

The added flexibility, features, and superior models of the new system have given the game and our engine a major visual upgrade.

In the following images, those appearing on the left illustrate the current graphics while those found on the right showcase the grapic improvements found in Patch v1.6. For more details on what the patch includes and why this is an excellent time to bust a move with some post-apocalyptic mayhem be sure to swing on by the official site!

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