Into the Gray: A Hands-On Preview of City of Heroes: Going Rogue

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City of Heroes: Going Rogue eases players over the first 20 levels into their chosen role of hero, villain, or something in between – the vigilante. Ten Ton Hammer’s Ethec managed to get some hands-on time with Going Rogue with Paragon Studios’ Matt “Positron” Miller. Will Going Rogue seduce you into going from one side to the other? One hint: dual pistols!

We eventually found our contact, Wrencher, subdued by two PPD officers. One of the officers recognized me as being sent from the Powers Division and assumed I wanted to take credit for the capture. I then was presented with a very clear choice, join the Resistance and cap these two officers (who would be the only witnesses to my treachery) or continue on with the Loyalists. This wonÂ’t be the only time youÂ’re presented with a Resistance vs. Loyalist choice.

Read Ethec's hands-on preview of City of Heroes: Going Rogue.
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