Gameforge Acquires Majority Stake in Frogster

By Stacy Jones -

Gameforge got a fairly big headline back in June with the announcement of their upcoming free-to-play Star Trek browser-based MMOG. But Gameforge is looking to break more ground and in a big way as the company recently acquired a 60% majority stake in Frogster Interactive. By holding a majority stake in Frogster, Gameforge is positioned to expand its online gaming position with assets that include Runes of Magic, Frogster's European publishing deal for TERA, and the publishing of the upcoming Mythos.

"By holding a stake in Frogster, we are strengthening our position in this internationally competitive environment," says Christoph Jennen, CFO of Gameforge AG. "Together with Frogster, we see a good opportunity to expand our presence in the online gaming market even further."

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