SOE Fan Faire Kicks Off With EQ and EQ2 Expansion Highlights

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After asking, "You want to see something new...something you've never seen before?" John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, kicked off the excitement of SOE Fan Faire...with a Rick roll. But after Rick Astley's 80s anthem displayed for a few moments on the gigantic screen, and the crowd's cheers and jeers quieted, he began to unveil some of the highlights we can expect to see coming out of Fan Faire.

"We're not done with EverQuest," Smedley promised. He teased the audience saying that SOE has been "working on something great for a long time now," and invited everyone to attend panels taking place on Friday and Saturday entitled "The Evolution of EverQuest." After asking that fans come to the panels to provide their input, he made a promise for the EverQuest franchise: "We're taking it to a place nobody's at."

While Smedley wasn't yet ready to officially reveal the widely rumored future iteration of EverQuest (dubbed EverQuest Next), he did offer highlights relevant to SOE's existing and upcoming games. We'll be providing all the details as the event unfolds, but here are some highlights:


  • The next expansion is called House of Thule, launches October 14
  • It will introduce player housing, a level cap increase to 90, and 13 new zones
EverQuest II
  • The next expansion, Destiny of Velious, will launch in February, 2011
  • It will add the continent of Velious and flying mounts to the game
Free Realms
  • The popular family-oriented free-to-play title now boasts 13 million players
  • Free Realms is coming soon to the Mac and Playstation 3
  • It will be the first massively multiplayer game on the PS3
DC Universe Online
  • Will be the second MMOG on the PS3
  • Will be launched for PC at the same time
  • Preorder customers will be able to play as Batman
Keep an eye on Ten Ton Hammer's coverage of SOE Fan Faire this weekend to keep up with the latest news on these and other SOE titles including Magic: The Gathering - Tactics and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Don't miss a moment--stay tuned to get the goods as our Fan Faire coverage unfolds.
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