Talking TERA – An Exclusive Interview with En Masse Entertainment

By Reuben Waters -

TERA is shaping up to be one powerhouse MMOG, featuring not only some of the best graphics for a new title that weÂ’ve seen in recent years, but also some of the most compelling group play this side of the great social MMOG divide. The combat is fast-paced and epic, and is a welcome change from the whack-a-mole antics of your typical auto-attack mechanics.

Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to speak with Senior Producer Brian Knox from En Masse Entertainment this past week at gamescom 2010. Not only did we get the chance to hear how development is progressing towards the North American launch, but Brian also answered a number of questions sent in by our readers. So be sure to check out our exclusive video interview for TERA, and then keep an eye on our gamescom 2010 event page for continuing coverage from the show!

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