Warhammer "Producer's Letter" Details New Features and RvR Changes

By Stacy Jones -

Warhammer Online has certainly had a few stumbles since its launch, but with two years of operation now behind it, the game has made massive improvements to its RvR systems and is continuing to evolve gameplay for players. In the latest Producer's Letter, Warhammer Online Producer Carrie Gouskos details some of the improvements and offers a look ahead at things to come, including the playable Skaven class, the Barber Surgeon and new siege mechanics.

Resources gained will level your Keep, and at each level you will unlock mechanics that will help you in your effort to take down the enemyÂ’s Keep. At Rank one, your Resource Carriers will become armored, and at Rank two they will become mounted. By Keep Rank three, you will be granted offensive siege, which will be limited now but extremely powerful. The new vision of siege is that it can really help turn the tide of battle, and as such we want to allow more freedom in placement, so they will be able to be placed anywhere around the keep.

Endless Trial accounts have also received a few changes to their access to servers, chat, and other in-game features in an effort to help curb abuse by some players. There's always got to be someone messing things up for other people.

Be sure to check out Carrie Gouskos's appearance on the Ten Ton Hammer Live Podcast as well.

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