Ankama to Take Dofus and Wakfu to the Big Screen

By Stacy Jones -

Ankama Games has had success over multiple mediums with their online games DOFUS. Ankama has continually expanded the online gaming mythology for DOFUS and even has a successful animated series in France. But Ankama also has another transmedia hit with Wakfu. And both games are about to hit the big screen. In a recent announcement, Ankama Games revealed that it will be developing feature length animation films for both Wakfu and DOFUS. Let's just hope they have better luck than some of our other less fortunate game to movie adaptations.

The first feature length animation put in production, DOFUS Book 1: Joris Jurgen, will be the one based on the era of the DOFUS game, which is set 1,000 years before the Wakfu series takes place. Its cinema release will be accompanied by an animated series entitled, “DOFUS, the series” and will consist of 26 episodes, each lasting 26 minutes which will be produced with France Télévisions.

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