Interview: Chris McKibben on Gods & Heroes

Could be the Perfect Game for Bossy People

The Ten Ton Hammer team kicked off their adventure to E3 with a visit to SOE's demo room where they talked to Chris McKibben, president of Perpetual Entertainment, developers of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising. They learned more about how Gods and Heroes' myth minions make this game casual player friendly, and a min-maxer's dream. Shayalyn provides all the details in her write-up:

Minions are designed to be an extension of the way the classes play the game," McKibben said. He explained that the key to keeping things interesting was to make every class's game play experience unique. Perpetual didn't work hard to build a balanced Nomad class only to have players decide that the only class worth playing for elder game success is, say, a Priest.  "The minion system further defines and builds up the classes instead of making them all the same. We've spent a lot of time making sure that everyone doesn't basically end up a minion master."

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