Forsaken World Unleashes the Vampire Class

Posted Thu, Oct 07, 2010 by Martuk

Did you know that in a recent poll the Vampire class garnered a nearly 40% vote of which class players would be playing when the Forsaken World launches? Every fantasy gamer has their own special soft spot when it comes to mythical creatures be it werewolves, zombies, or in this case, vampires. And Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) isn't holding back the details about this elegant bloodsucker. In a recent class preview, PWE lays out all the details about the Vampire and what they can bring to a group, including the ability to turn into a fire breathing bat...wait, what?

The Vampire class is hard to pin down as being designed to fill a specific roll. They can heal themselves as well as party members, sacrifice health to deal extra damage, become a back-line spellcaster, and even transform into a bat that can breathe fire (the bat is on fire as well, naturally).


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