Latest World of Warcraft Vanity Pet Models Unveiled

Blizzard are really making use of their new World of Warcraft community

Blizzard are really making use of their new World of Warcraft community site and they’ve just used it to offer a sneak peak of the newest vanity pets being released via the Pet Store: the Moonkin Hatchling and the Lil’ Ragnaros. As I was guessing, thanks to the revelation of not one but two icons, there are indeed two versions of the Moonkin Hatchling; one for the Alliance and one for the Horde based off of the Boomkin model, albeit in super-adorable super-deformed style. Personally, I'm torn, they're both incredibly cute. I might actually have to roll a Horde toon just for this pet alone!

Blizzard has also revealed the first look at the epically miniature pet based on everyone’s favourite vanilla WoW endgame boss - Ragnaros himself. Yes you’ve traversed Molten Core now, in honour of his resurrection in Cataclysm, it will soon be possible to have the Firelord as your ever-so-portable companion during your travels in post-Cataclysm Azeroth. Even better, when compared to a normal sized vanity pet, he's huge!

There’s still no word on pricing for these pets but I doubt it will be too long before they are unleashed on the Pet Store. In line with the other pets, I’ll wager a guess you’re probably going to have to shell out around $10/€10 each. But, can you really but a price on having your own mini-Ragnaros or an adorable little Moonkin? Though not.?

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