Alganon to Deploys Phase I of PvP Update This Week

Posted Thu, Nov 11, 2010 by Martuk

Alganon Invasion

The PvP invasion of Alganon is about to begin.

PvP is coming to Alganon this week with the release of the first phase of the game's three phase PvP update. Phase I is scheduled to deploy this week and introduce open world PvP and dueling to the game for the first time. PvP has been a long requested feature by the Alganon community and this week they'll finally get their first taste of competitive PvP gameplay. Phase II (Towers and Keep) is scheduled for later this year with the 3rd and final update (Battlegrounds) scheduled to release in 2011.

To celebrate the new PvP launch, Alganon will be launching a new promotional campaign complete with free item codes.

In celebration of this milestone event and the future of Alganon in 2011 and beyond, we have also initiated a substantial print and online marketing campaign for Alganon in order to continue building the community and bringing new gamers to this unique and fun game. In the coming months, look for the special Alganon free item codes in upcoming print issues of PC Gamer (first issue is out on Dec 7th) and elsewhere.

Check out the official press release for more.


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