Codemasters Files Suit Alleging Jumpgate Evolution Breach of Contract

By Stacy Jones -

Jumpgate Evolution has seen more than its share of delays and it appears that publisher Codemasters has had enough of the waiting game. In a post on the Codemasters Jumpgate Evolution forums, a representative posted a response to a recently filed court complaint from Codemasters with the federal court in San Francisco against NetDevil and parent company Gazillion Entertainment. The post doesn't go into great detail aside from acknowledging the complaint.

According to the court document, Codemasters alleges breach of contract, stating that they have paid the defendants $1.1 million in advances and almost $300,000 in art assets costs. The complaint further alleges that NetDevil failed to meet a series of milestones by certain dates, including the commercial release on or before February 24th, 2009. What further impact this will have on Jumpgate Evolution remains to be seen, so stay tuned and we'll update you when we have more.

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