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Champions Online Trailer Recaps 15 Months of Heroic Content

Posted Wed, Dec 15, 2010 by Martuk

It's been 15 months since the launch of Champions Online and while the game has had both good and bad times, it's managed to survive and thrive in a heavily populated MMOG market. In a recent video, Champions Online Producer Rob Overmeyer reflects on the past, present and future of the superhero-based MMOG. The video reminisces about all the released content since the game's 2009 launch from the popular Blood Moon events to the Demon Flame and Revelation adventure packs. Overmeyer then looks to the future of what's in store for Champions Online, including new content and the free-to-play switch scheduled to take place next year. The full video is available at Massively.


Perfect World Entertainment has already made the move to mobile and now they’re making plans to head into the console space.

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Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Cryptic enhances hero customization for Champions Online with customizable auras that can be combined for unique visual effects.

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Fri, Nov 22, 2013

Cryptic sweetens the pot to tempt players to pony up and become lifetime subscribers and Champions Online.

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Thu, Nov 14, 2013

Perfect World Entertainment announces its Halloween plans for its online gaming lineup loaded with festive fun for shooters, heroes, and MMORPGs.

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Mon, Oct 28, 2013

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