Trials Continue for Aion's Rifting Changes

By Stacy Jones -

Aion is has extended its rifting change trial for a few more weeks following changes and feedback made to rifting protection last month. After starting the trials last December, NCsoft made changes to improve the functionality of protection for defenders in their homelands. As part of the changes, protection for defenders in Heiron and Beluslan was removed and the protective buff in Morheim and Elten was lowered. A summary of survey data about the changes made has been posted showing that a majority of the players support the changes, but given some feedback on lower level buffing, the testing has been extended to make changes and allow testing.

We are extending the rifting trial a few more weeks. You have told us that lower level characters could use a bit more protection, and so we are planning to slightly increase the amount of protection for defending characters in Morheim and Eltnen.

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