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City of Heroes Devs to Give Away Free Animal Pack Codes In-Game This Week

By Stacy Jones -

If you've wanted your City of Heroes (CoH) hero or villain to be a bit more primal, Paragon Studios is giving you the chance with the new CoH Animal Pack. But it gets better. On Friday, February 18th, the devs will be paying a visit to each server and handing out free codes for the new pack to a few lucky players. Just attend the party in Pocket D headed by DJ Zero in your best "fit-for-the-jungle/safari-fabulous outfit" and you could win yourself an Animal Pack code.

If you can't make the event there's a second option. The devs will be giving away 10 pack codes each for NA and Europe via the official CoH forums, Twitter and Facebook pages. Check out the official announcement for times and dates for each giveaway.

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