FFXIV "Producer's Letter" Details Planned Changes and Serves Up a New Poll

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida has posted his third "

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida has posted his third "Producer's Letter" updating the community on the progress of fixes ad improvements to FFXIV. The latest letter also includes a new poll for players to voice their opinion on Battle System improvements. This poll has less time for players to submit their feedback and will only be available for one week. So if you have something to say, it's best not to procrastinate and miss the deadline.

A bit wordy for a lead-in, I know, but now we can move on to what many of you no doubt are waiting to hear about. As I mentioned in my last letter, our FINAL FANTASY Players' Poll the Second begins today, focusing primarily on the battle system. I've set the deadline at one week from today. I apologize for shortening the submission period from last time, but quick responses will lend themselves to quick results. I hope you all take the time to submit your answers and have your voices heard!

Yoshida also posted a new chart with a few updates on what's been added and what the devs have in the works. The devs are continuing to address certain collision issues within the game, but those fixes will be coming in several stages to ensure that they are done correctly and avoid causing more issues in the game. Yoshida also notes that the devs are looking into addressing the death warp situation (players committing suicide for fast travel) and will be making a decision on how best to address it in the future. The full update is available via the FFXIV Loadstone website.

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