Undead Labs Talks Guns for Class3 and Class4 Online Zombie Games

Posted Tue, Apr 05, 2011 by Martuk

When you're taking on a horde of flesh eating undead, there's one thing you really need to have - lots and lots of guns. In a recent Undead Labs topic, players served up a lot of fun suggestions for the devs to use as feedback, but several good questions were also asked and the devs took to the boards to serve up some answers.

The arsenal will differ a bit from the Class3 and Class4 games, given that Class4 will be created as a persistent online world that isn't surprising. But the devs have some fun ideas in mind for allowing players to create some unique mixes of weapons and a few alternative ideas for weapon customization. This will be useful when deciding what to take in battle since sound plays a huge part in combat.

In our world, sound will play a big role in combat — if a zombie can hear you, they’ll be coming for you. If you fire a shot, expect that report to attract unwanted attention. However, the noise each weapon generates may vary. As a general rule, weapons that are louder in real life will be louder in-game, and louder shots will attract the attention of zombies that are farther away.

Whether you like this idea or not, it seems that weight will be a factor in the game and will play in with fatigue. Just a little something for you to keep in mind while running away from a horde of ravenous zombies looking to make you into a midnight snack.

Source: Undead Labs website


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