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Earth Eternal to be Reborn as Ikimonogatari

By Stacy Jones -

Players of Earth Eternal got some grim news last year when Sparkplay Media layed off its staff following economic hardships in August. In an August letter to the community, Sparkplay Media CEO Matt Mihaly broke the news to players and informed the community about the layoffs and that the game had been put up for auction. A few weeks after that, the game and website went offline without warning due to non-payment to the ISP.

Several months have passed since the game shut down and today we have a little good news for Earth Eternal fans. According to the Earth Eternal Twitter page, Japan-based developer Sankando has purchased rights to the game and it will soon be reborn as a 3D browser-based title under the name of Ikimonogatari. The game is currently announced for release in Japanese, but other options are being looked into for English language support.

Source: Earth Eternal Twitter Page

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