DDO Executive Producer Releases 2011 State of the Game Letter

Fernando Paiz, Executive Producer for Dungeons and Dragons Online, has released his 2011 State of the Game Letter. In it he discusses the upcoming Update 9 and the new crafting system coming out. Other topics include the successful launch of the French and German markets, the upcoming adventure packs (the next two are Xoriat themed), and the reduction in the casting cost of most spells. Most interesting is that he mentions that there are 3 more updates scheduled for this year and that a great deal of work has already been done on them. Also brought up are Challenge Quests similar in theme to the Crystal Cove that will be introduced for some fun time-sensitive challenges. Lastly, players will be able to enter the enclave of House Cannith, the technologically advanced House that created the Warforged. Looks like 2011 is going to be a banner year for DDO! You can read the full letter here.

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