BlizzCon '07: Wrath of the Lich King Overview

Posted Tue, Aug 07, 2007 by Shayalyn

Expanding Upon our WoW Expansion Coverage

With so much info hitting the network concerning World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, the Ten Ton Hammer staff determined that a general overview was needed to lay out some basic information concerning WotLK and provide a plethora of links to videos and other info. John "Boomjack" Hoskin provides the network with a well-presented overview, a few screenshots of new zones, and some background on the lore behind WotLK. Enjoy!

Borean Tundra is inhabited by a nomadic race of walrus fishermen called the Tusker. How many people will be dressed as walrus fishermen next BlizzCON? I'll guess many. This zone will take the player through a side story pitting the Naga versus the Tusker. Man-snake versus Man-walrus. I can't man-wait.

For more man-snakes and on over, then head to our WoW forum to comment.

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