BlizzCon '07: Items and Professions Discussion Panel, Part 2

Posted Wed, Aug 08, 2007 by Shayalyn

Everything You Wanted to Know About Professions (And Then Some!)

Day two of BlizzCon started for Ten Ton Hammer's Byron "Messiah" Mudry with attending the Professions and Items Discussion Panel. In the second part of the Messiah's article he covers the discussion that centered around whats being expanded upon, added or changed with professions.

It was found that many players love the epic items that crafter's create that only they can use. Blizzard calls these "best in slot items". A prime example of best in slot items are the 375 tailoring sets that many players choose over raid gear. These have been incredibly popular and provide a real incentive for cloth wears to be tailors. More of these items will be added in the near future, with a strong possibility of being in the game before the next expansion.

Check out part two of the series, and if you missed the first part, you'll find it here. Don't forget to share your comments in our forum.

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