The MMO Gamers' All I Want for Christmas List

Updated Mon, Dec 24, 2012 by Shayalyn

The MMO Gamers' All I Want for Christmas List

At one time or another, just about every serious MMO gamer has uttered a wish related to his or her gaming habit. Perhaps it was a wish for changes or upgrades to an existing game. Or maybe it was a wish for an MMO that has yet to be invented. Either way, when we stop to think about it, we all have our wish lists.

This holiday, the editors and staff writers at Ten Ton Hammer sat down to ponder our special wish lists for the genre we love. We've hung our stockings by the chimney with care and, while we're off dreaming our visions of sugar plums, we hope you'll take a moment to check out our lists...and share a few wishes of your own.

The MMO Gamers' All I Want for Christmas List


candy cane

This will probably come across as the mutterings of a madman, but I'd love to see a return to the concept of a level-based MMO that doesn't place an XP bar so prominently on the screen at all times. If the gameplay experience is rich enough to begin with, then tracking advancement should really be a secondary concern. Or put another way, if you're having fun then your character level really shouldn't matter. So I wish for a fundamental shift away from the mighty XP bar's oppressive gaze.~ Sardu


I want—no, I need—EverQuest Next. Seriously, SOE, shut up and take my money. Sure, with the exception of PlanetSide 2, you've been flying under the radar lately as a development studio, but I happen to think your time to be at the top of the food chain could be cycling around again. EverQuest was, of course, legendary, and EQ2 was ahead of its time in many ways, so my hopes are already higher than a stoner at a Phish festival. Add SOE President, John Smedley's comments to PC Gamer that they're "not trying to make WoW2 or EverQuest 2.5," and claiming that the game is poised to "define the next generation of MMOs," and I'm beyond ready for this game. Santa, hurry up and hang an EverQuest Next announcement in my stocking! ~ Shayalyn

candy cane

My biggest Christmas wish is for MMO gaming to embrace the two Ms in that acronym and not worry so much about the O. Massively multiplayer is what defines this genre, but more and more games are reeling back from the "massively" and the "multiplayer" and just making their games online, whether for the DRM benefit or simply because they want to cater to the solo player. More games should encourage players to group up and enjoy the game. It's entirely possible to provide incentive without being forceful in one direction or the other. Dragon Nest is a good example of a game that allows players to solo all the content to their heart's content, but if they want to have a more enjoyable and easier experience on the harder difficulties then they'll need to seek out camaraderie and companionship.~ Xerin

Amen Gunky, an ESO beta key would make my year, but I guess it's still early days yet. Couldn't disagree more on the WoW issue though. Aside from the very basics like instancing and PvP, the first sniff of WoW-cloniness is going to make people run like it was a libidinous Hagraven. With brain rot. Cloning is very rarely a good business model, as it gives no incentive for loyal players to change.

I'd be cool with getting into closed beta for Marvel Heroes Online. Really about the only MMO I want to try out that I haven't already.

I think it is still need time for ESO beta.

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