Pathfinder Online Blog Explains Settlements and Development Indexes

By Stacy Jones -

Goblinworks unsheathed a new Pathfinder Online developer blog this week that delves more into the development indexes (DI) of building settlements. While the blog breaks down the DI into three simple categories: Security, Morale, and Civilization, the act of expanding those and building your influence through industry and war are a bit more complex, and specializing can be particularly risky.

Eventually settlements will seek to maximize all of their indexes, but some will choose to specialize in just one, and indeed most settlements will have one index that is higher than the other. Specialization is efficient and may provide powerful bonuses in some areas, but it also has its weaknesses. Losing a small number of hex-holdings or suffering through a particularly brutal spate of assassinations may quickly suppress high-level specialist buildings, leave a specialist city extremely vulnerable.

If youÂ’re curious to learn how the system works as well as whatÂ’s required to capture an enemyÂ’s Hall to claim it for your own, head over and check out the latest blog.

Source: Pathfinder Online Dev Blog

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