PlanetSide Fan Videos Explore Lore and Offers a Hidden Beta Key

Posted Mon, Jun 18, 2012 by Martuk

PlanetSide 2 TV has posted the first two videos in a four part lore series for PlanetSide. The video series explores the lore of the original PlanetSide in an effort to show how it has evolved in PlanetSide 2. The first two videos in the series follow the road to the arrival on Auraxis. As an added bonus, each video contains a segment of a PlanetSide 2 beta key. Keep checking back for the final two videos in the four-part series to find the full beta key.

Source: PlanetSide2TV YouTube Channel

pixar/disney is helping fund these videos or has planetside's history always been linked to Wall-E's
Buy N Large company?

Always refreshing to hear a rational awsner.

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