The PlayerScore Evolution - Introducing Spark

UPDATE 08.14.12: SPARK is now available at World of Addons.

Attention PlayerScore members,

Thanks for dropping by to check out the upcoming PlayerScore evolution! As we put some final touches on the end product over the next couple of days, let us tell you exactly how your game is about to change for the better.

The new application, called Spark, is a full-featured addon manager that allows you to update all of your addons with one click. But it's so much more! This handy app that runs on both Mac and Windows has full PlayerScore integration, news from your favorite games, games and activities to keep you entertained during patch day, and best of all it's completely 100% free. Anyone and everyone will be able to download the lightweight and powerful application and use all of its features without ever having to pay a cent.

We value all the hard work addon authors put into their addons. And we show it! Authors receive the red carpet treatment with Spark and will receive exclusive offers (including, among other things, advance beta keys to the hottest new games). We believe authors are a fundamental part of the ever-growing MMO community and this is our way of giving a little back.

With the ease and functionality of Spark we believe it's going to change your gaming in many positive ways. Check out some of these features:

  • Complete PlayerScore integration. Quickly look up your rank or item info directly from Spark.
  • Red carpet treatment for addon authors.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • 1-click to update all your addons at once.
  • Search and install addons with ease.
  • Each addon is manually screened and checked by actual people to ensure it is safe for installation. No more keyloggers!
  • Display only the news you want from the games you love.
  • Sleek, stylish interface.
  • A full-featured new addon website to power Spark and its addons.

Spark is coming in the next few days, so stay tuned. We'll let all PlayerScore members know when it's ready to download. We can't wait to share it.

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Ok, what makes your product any different from Curse and their Curse Client?

Major points:

- it's free for everyone. No membership required to update all your addons with one click.
- every addon is manually checked for viruses and keyloggers. Download with confidence.
- it has support for every major MMO
- full PlayerScore integration. Do all your research and lookups in one easy place. No more need to have several browsers open. Do everything you need with one lightweight app.

So, will the service we see from Spark continue to set release dates, make major announcements and promise downloads that don't exist yet?

Or was that whole BIG NEWS e-mail I got just a one time woopsie?

I hear you! Being an MMO junkie I know all too well the frustrations of a release date being pushed back. The reason for the delay this week is that the addon proved to be more popular than we expected for launch so we had a bunch more addons come in that we wanted to screen for the product launch.

Once those are all in place we'll send out the release announcement. So, while it did push us back a couple of days I believe it's well worth it given the quality of addons that will be available immediately at launch.

Friday August 3 I received and invitation to a gala,"game-changing" event for Tuesday August 7. I am here and there is nothing but the same old Sh%t "sorry but we can't come through because blah blah blah." I AM NOT impressed.

Ten Ton Hammer is a US site, the majority of their writers are currently asleep ;)

I'm greatly looking forward to checking it out!

p.s. Don't listen to fail trolls :-)

Hmm, I will give it a try just to see if I like it.

Awsome, more competition is always welcome.

I don't play WoW anymore, but hopefully I will get to try it out when it moves into other games.

special character support in toon name would be a much appreciated addition to the update/overhaul

I'm looking forward to seeing this addon in action when you good guys at TenTonHammer get it done. Don't let the snarky trolls get to you. I paid a lifetime membership to this site (about a year ago) and will still contribute more money to it over time. It's the overall best mmo site out there for news, guides, gossip, and whatnot. Plus I just love your site's overall style! Eeet rawks!

Hi, I'm curious about the add-on management. Are you saying it will update all my add-ons that I have previously downloaded from the Curse website?

Hi Bronzeleaf,

Spark will be able to update pretty much any addon you have currently installed but there will be some exceptions. If the addon isn't on our new addon website that powers Spark you won't be able to update it through the Spark client.

That being said, we're working overtime to ensure the most popular addons are available and more will be added daily. Also as the popularity of the application picks up you'll see more and more addon authors offering their addons for use with Spark.

Is there a estimated time/date of release yet?

I want you to remove the following AddOn's because I'm the manager of them.


Been having an issue with playerscore since the recent update. Everytime I login to my characters in WoW, I get a dialog box that asks me what mode I wanna run PS in. I choose "full" everytime but It won't remember my choice the next time I log in. How do I fix this?


How do you quit the game?

I logout normally using the option from the in-game menu.

Are you going to still let us update this addon with Curse if we prefer to stick with that updater?

Spark gets can't connect to server errors under Wine on linux, makes it unusable for me (no windows at all here, I ditched windows after the disaster that was vista and didn't look back).

how much longer is this going to take blizz jr????

how will we know once this is released???
has it been released already?

I was wondering, Is the Spark client available for download now? If so, where can I find the download link? Also, for the Playerscore addon; there was an issue after the patch where PS caused a lot of tearing and framerate issues. Has this been resolved? I love the addon but I had to uninstall due to these problems.

when will playerscore be working again? been waiting 2 weeks now still havent the foggiest as to when it will work. also do we have to have spark for the MoP version of playerscore?

I am just interested in PlayerScore.. When is it being released.

So basically if I want to stick with Curse I have to download a second system just to get playerscore? No thanks, guess its time to find something else.

Has PlayerScore been updated? Do we have to have Spark to download it?

So inquiring minds want to know. Is Player Score only going to be available if you run Spark?

i REALY REALY MISS playerscore its my faverite add on out of all .. becuase it shows ppls boss killz one tip though make reg boss kills and LFR boss kills show seprate from eachother please please

as a paying customer of tentonhammer and playerscore im pretty pissed off that playerscore still isnt working ingame and all our questions about it have been ignored. takes 5 mins of your time to answer someone or put out a link about this ungodly long "evolution" of playerscore. if the way this is being handled is a prelude to spark i dont see your little pet project getting very far :(

I could not agree more. All that they seem to care to comment about is if spark is up and running. Noone seems to give a rats ass if we want to know about the playerscore addon. Seems like we know what they are really doing. And furthermore, Spark does not even support all the addons that curse does.....so how special is it really? Get it together TTH, get it together.

Im guessing that they arnt ready to release the new playerscore becuase they havent fuinished crunching the numbers for MOP yet. However just making the existing one WORK with the current game client would be a start!

All that seems to be happening now is this Spark. As nearly ALL addons are just zip files and NOT .exe files (and I would never install a wow addon that was an .exe - wow addons are just text files) they also dont need to go on about screening them for keyloggers. WoW addons distrubuted as zip files with text files in them CANNOT contain keyloggers. Peroid!

we need our player score realy realy bad i check in every hour on the hour still no player score its best add on ever just release it even if its not complete .... just make where i can see boss kills viewable

does anyone know if there is another addon that does what player score used to do im tired of waiting for this when its obvious that a) its not going to be fixed and b) the maker of it obviously doesnt give a shit that we are pissed about it?

Dear TTH,

You have had access to MoP since the Beta was available and as it came to the PTR. The 5.0 patch was released a few weeks ago. Playerscore has been down since. Most of the addons that I use for WoW have updated for this patch and PS has yet to update. Question:

What the hell makes you think that we want to download a whole new addon manager when most of us have perfectly fine addon managers instead of the addon that brought nearly all of us to this site? We have been waiting over a month, going on two months now!, for PlayerScore to update. I was even thinking of paying for a lifetime subscription to this site, but since your Dev team is more focused on creating that stupid manager instead of the addon that this part of your site is about. You are sadly mistaken if I will spend my hard earned money on something that can't even provide clear updates. With the launch of MoP due out tomorrow night, is your addon even worth the headache that you have caused to my guild and myself? No.

PlayerScore was good while it lasted, but I doubt that I will be using it in the future. Your Dev team dropped the ball big time on this addon when they decided to work on Spark instead of editing the text files that would have gotten this working until you were ready to drop this big "evolution" you've been plugging.

Now, get off your butts and answer the questions that have been pouring in since the addon stopped working.

When will PlayerScore be update? (Give us a clear answer and DO NOT plug Spark in the answer.)

It's been two months since the patch was released. Nearly all of the addons that I use were updated within a week of it dropping. Why has it taken so long to update a few text files? And what is this evolution you speak of? (This has annoyed the hell out your supporters with no clear indication of the upgrades that are going into PS.)


A Very Pissed NiyteWolfe

Thank you for posting this, I am also extremely irritated at why no one can get a straight answer from TTH's Dev team. I have given money, that I can earn, I cannot earn time back, so wasting it is not on of my priorities and is the reason for my irritation. I am hoping someone else comes up with an addon like Playerscore, so I don't have to hear from TTH anymore.

Just to keep you all up-to-date, the PlayerScore update will be available soon. There were some unexpected issues but the devs are working around the clock to get it out as soon as possible.

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HEY EVERYONE the curse addon "idiotcheck" does all the stuff player score used to do and its updated and available on curse less than a day after latest patch. its also easier to use as it fuses with your inspect button and it auto checks onr eady check to tell u if ur missing buffs flasks feasts or enchant gems and so on. its awesome and it works :P