Rift Dungeon Guides - Instance List and Locations

A complete list and location information for all of Rift's small group instances.
The Rift dungeon system is one of simplicity and amazing depth. featuring one dungeon per zone, the system allows for leveling players to experience an appropriate version of the instance as they move through the zone and then the ability to come back at max level and attempt a much more challenging version.

Below is a list of each instance, along with its zone location and approximate appropriate level range for the normal version. Following the link will take you to a complete guide for the normal version of the instance.

Dungeon Name Lvl Zone Faction
Abyssal Precipice 47-50 Iron Pine Peaks Either
Charmer's Caldera 48-50 Shimmersand Either
Darkening Deeps 22-28 Gloamwood Guardian
Deepstrike Mines 25-28 Stonefield Defiant
Fall of Latern Hook 42-46 Droughtlands Either
Foul Cascade 28-32 Scarlet Gorge Either
Iron Tombs 17-21 Freemarch Defiant
King's Breach 33-37 Scarwood Reach Either
Realm of the Fae 17-21 Silverwood Guardian
Runic Descent 38-42 Moonshade Highlands Either

Rift Zone Map

Rift Dungeon Locations

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