A Video Q&A with Rift's Scott Hartsman, Part 1: Just for Starters

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Ten Ton Hammer has been getting pretty excited about Rift: Planes of Telara and recently sat down with Executive Producer Scott Hartsman to talk about all things Rift. In this first of a two-part video interview, Scott Hartsman discusses a number of never-before-disclosed details, including Rift’s newest classes, the lowdown on starting areas like the Shadowlands, Silverwood, and Free Marches, and also about other unique game concepts like the Soul Walk.

It’s interesting that both factions (Guardian and Defiant) both start out in the same starting area, the Shadowlands, though they follow different paths. Being a lore junkie, I find it fascinating the differences between the two factions and the reasons why they fight each other. Of particular note is the fact that the Guardians are those souls picked by the gods who were the best in something in their lives, being the most devout holy person or being the most evil, ruthless assassin. It seems that these factions will not be easily pigeonholed.

Fans should be buoyed by the talk of character classes, such as the Beastmaster. Again, it seems that the development team is not forcing classes to be rigid. Just like the range of those who can be called to be Guardians, it seems that character classes will be very flexible. It’ll be fascinating to see what kind of builds that players will come up with.


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