RIFT Celebrates the Holidays with Fae Yule Event

RIFT’s Fae Yule celebration starts today and we’ve got a fresh batch of screenshots of Trion’s holiday event.
RIFT kicks off the six-week Fae Yule celebration today, bringing new quests, events and other in-game prizes as part of the festivity. The event is scheduled to take place in three phases with the first beginning today. Trion will also be holding adding subscriber bonuses for this weekend that will include increased XP, more PvP Favor, Prestige, Planarite and Plaques of Achievement. The Fae of Telara are free of Greenscale and they want to party.

Ten Ton Hammer’s own Jason “Medawky” Bolton had the chance to preview the Fae Yule event earlier this month and learned more than he should have about the affects of mead. Check out Medawky's full preview and the screenshots below to learn more about RIFT’s festive event.

RIFT_Fae_Yule_01 RIFT_Fae_Yule_02 RIFT_Fae_Yule_03
RIFT_Fae_Yule_04 RIFT_Fae_Yule_05 RIFT_Fae_Yule_06

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Rift™-Mas

Fae Yule comes to Telara for six weeks of Fae gone wild, corgi companions, and plenty of mead

Freshly freed from Greenscale’s clutches, the Fae of Telara are ready to party this holiday season … and it’s going to get crazy. Starting today, Rift™ kicks off a six week, three phase world event known as “Fae Yule,” an epic in-game celebration that features fancy holiday hats, new quests, a grumpy mead-guzzling satyr, and other festive items.

But it’s not all candy canes and cocoa. Crucia, the Dragon of Air, seeks to ruin the festivities by enslaving the Fae anew, and it’s up to Ascended to crush her plans and save Fae Yule. Throughout the event, players can earn Unique Snowflakes, which can be redeemed for yule-inspired gear, a jolly corgi companion, and a lavish vaiyuu mount.

This weekend, Trion kicks off the celebration with three days of subscriber bonuses, including increased experience, PvP Favor and Prestige, Plaques of Achievement, and Planarite.


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