State of Decay Headed to PC Later This Year

Posted Wed, Jul 17, 2013 by Martuk

Undead Labs have confirmed that State of Decay will be coming to the PC later this year. In a post to the Undead Labs forums, Community Director Sanya Weathers recapped news from a recent livestream in which Undead Labs boss Jeff Strain confirmed the zombie survival simulation’s release will be coming in 2013. While a solid date has yet to be announced, Weathers did confirm that the game will be coming to Steam’s Early Access Program with an initial controller-only version, but the game will include full mouse and keyboard support at launch.

In some other good news, Weathers confirmed that State of Decay’s PC version will include enhanced graphics and improved framerates. This should make playing the game on a decent spec PC a better looking experience over the tech of its very aged Xbox 360 counterpart. Weathers also noted that the graphics and framerate improvements will be the only major changes as the rest of the game will pretty much be the same as the Xbox 360 version.

"Will the PC version have enhanced graphics? Higher res? Improved framerate? Yes. A high end PC can do all those things, so we're modifying the game to support those things. The PC version will not have different content or features, however,” Weathers wrote.

Earlier this month the studio cancelled the plans to develop a multiplayer component for the game and pledged that co-op multiplayer would be "the absolute heart of any future State of Decay games." State of Decay’s future is in discussion with Microsoft, so stay tuned for more on that.

Source: State of Decay Announcement

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