Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Mission Guides Part Six: Space Missions

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Space Missions

Skygeirr is a Hybrid reasearch lab where you'll go to take care of some unfinished business involving the Hybrids. You'll unlock Infestors and Ultralisks. This guide should cover all of the Skygeirr Normal Achievements.

With Friends Like These... Guide

No Rewards


To space! This mission is awesome in a lot of ways because it’s you playing as the Hyperion. A few basic things, the Hyperion auto-attacks anything within range and is rather hefty, and slow. You can upgrade it which gives you more Tac Fighters and more damage and you can gain an extra ability by completing the bonus.

In the first part, you’ll go through a basic tutorial of the ship’s commands. Nothing out of the ordinary, you’ll jump, fight some things, and learn where Mag Mines are. For the achievement, you can’t let a Mag-Mine hit you (not that you want one to hit you anyway). The only way to avoid them is to just watch your ship and jump if any red lines settle in your direction.

The first part is simple; there is a mineral patch to your north and a pirate ship to your southeast. The mineral patch is guarded by a legion of Mag Mines, what I do is send my ships at the Mag Mines to set them off while moving the Hyperion out of the way. It works really well, because they’ll target the ships (which will destroy most of them) and the Hyperion is far enough away to avoid any damage.

For the pirate ship, you’ll want to do the same thing for the Mag Mines, and then take your time engaging the ship. It can cloak and spawn fighters, but you’ll have a few Repair Bots to regenerate your Tac Fighters. The fight will move between phases of the ship attacking you, cloaking while spawning units, and then reverting back to attacking you.

After the pirate ship is destroyed, you’ll gain a new ability to stun nearby units. It’s critical to get that because the Hyperion can fall very easily if you get overwhelmed and isn’t exactly a race horse. As you move forward, you’ll unlock an additional base and a new mineral patch to your east. This mineral patch is a little bit harder, but you can send your Tac Fighters across the blockade to deal with some of the early Mag Mines and fighter ships. Then proceed to jump in and launch your fighters at the other Mag Mines.

Move on up and take the next base to the west outside of the final mineral patch. You’ll want to take it first because it causes the ship to begin spawning Battlecruisers. For this mineral patch, it’s a bit harder, your Tac Fighters can’t trigger the Mag Mines from behind the blockade easily, so you’ll need to jump in and deal with them, but again the Tac Fighters make excellent shields against them and just jump when the red line settles in on you. You won’t finish “MinedCraft” until you mine the mineral patch on the northern wall as you move forward.

Mined Craft

For the rest of the map, you’re going to want to support your Battlecruisers. Let them soak up damage while you take out objectives (Ordnance Towers and Merc Starports). For the last sortie, you’re going to have a heck of a time dealing with everything, so be sure to use your abilities and use your Tac Fighters for shields. Be ready to pull back too, you can get into a situation where you’re overwhelmed rather fast.

Mag Mine Final Battle

An example of how to send your tac fighters forward so that they'll take all of the aggro from the Mag Mines.

In the final battle, you’re going to be tested against a large swarm of Mag Mines. There is again, a trick, with Tac Fighters. Send them deep into the center of the space station, behind where the Mines normally spawn and they’ll fly backward, away from you. Otherwise, just keep jumping out of their way. After the ship is destroyed, you win.


  • With Friends Like These...: Complete the mission.
  • MinedCraft: Collect all of the Minerals.
  • Space Ace: Don't get hit by a Mag Mine!

Next Mission: CONVICTION


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