State of Decay Dev on Characters and Traits

By Stacy Jones -

State of Decay will prompt players to make choices on who stays with their group and who doesnÂ’t. Not unlike The Walking Dead show, players will have to choose what characters to keep around for the good of the group, and those characters come with their own set of traits and skills that can be grown by the player.

Undead Labs Creative Director James PhinneyÂ’s latest developer blog delves deep into the skills and traits mechanic of State of Decay and what it entails for the player involving everything from a characterÂ’s cardio rating, ability to fight, or if theyÂ’ll function well within an established community.

The first Trait for every survivor is a Personality. Chatterbox, Selfish Asshole, Coward, Born Leader, Braggart, Autocrat, and Daydreamer are just some of the dozens of personalities you might encounter. Personality plays a big role in how survivors react to success and failure, how they interact with each other, and to any moral choices you make. In the short term, Personality is the least important thing to know about someone, but when trying to make your community work over the long haul, the mix of personalities matters.

Read PhinneyÂ’s full blog for more on the characters and skills in State of Decay.

Source: State of Decay – A Matter of Character

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