State of Decay Multiplayer Cut, Windows 8 Exclusive Undecided

Posted Thu, Aug 23, 2012 by Martuk

Rock, Paper, Shotgun (RPS) managed to track down an Undead Labs rep to learn a little more about the changes to State of Decay, formerly known as Class3. For starters, the multiplayer portion that was originally announced has been scrapped, so we’ll be dealing with a purely solo playing experience at launch, but there may be some alternatives post-launch the article notes.

“We announced that we would not be able to launch State of Decay with co-op mode,” said the rep. “Since [MMO follow-up] Class4 is the online world version of State of Decay, we’ll be developing the multiplayer goodness, and our hope is to bring some form of co-op mode to State of Decay after launch.”

One thing of concern that the article does bring up is that Microsoft is the publisher for State of Decay, and this could possibly mean that the PC version of the game may be a Windows 8 exclusive title, something that Undead Labs could not confirm nor deny at the moment, but RPS notes that some other Microsoft published titles for the PC are already taking this approach.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

You know another single player game recently launched was going to have a MMO counterpart with 'an epic multiplayer experience'. Yeah, no thanks but I'll pass on State of Decay. Heard that story before, and the studio isn't around.

This is an absolutely massive let down... you should ditch the single player story mode and have as a multiplayer only. If only you could see that you are going to pass up on making an epic if the mmo aspect isnt there.
this fresh approach to gaming deserves everything that can possibly be thrown at it. i for one would rather you guys refined the multiplayer aspect rather than feed us some hope that you may develop it at a later date. my friends constantly play cod, bf3, me3, gta4 and many other multiplayer titles.
the single player probably is a rich and exciting experience but if you cannot share the experience with your friends it becomes boring fairly quickly
Day Z is apparently being developed as a stand alone game and it already has a huge following no doubt due to the mmo but with the base/community building system this game has im sure it would steal the mantle. this game has so much potential.

it is not too late to change your minds and keep the multiplayer...create an awesome game

What a ridiculous change. You had a chance to make a game that would rival the likes of Dead Island and perhaps even Resident Evil but instead you decide to make a change that will force people to go elsewhere.

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