Bigpoint Expresses Interest in Star Trek: Infinite Space

Bigpoint pitches an offer for Star Trek: Infinite Space that could put the game back into development.

Earlier this month Gameforge announced more than 100 layoffs as part of its restructuring, leaving the future of Star Trek: Infinite Space uncertain. Gameforge explained in their release that the development of the game would be put on hold indefinitely unless a co-publisher could be found.

Things have been relatively silent about the future of Star Trek: Infinite Space until a recent interview over atGerman website OGLabs surfaced with Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz and Public Relations Lead Matthias Mirlach expressed interest in the takeover of Star Trek: Infinite Space. Bigpoint already has a major sci-fi series under their belt with Battlestar Galactica Online. Could they add another with Star Trek: Infinite Space?

The news that an offer has been made by Bigpoint was confirmed on the Star Trek: Infinite Space forums, which indicates that Gameforge is considering the offer but it will take some time to reach a decision. Stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you with any further details.

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