Gameforge Cancels Star Trek: Infinite Space

Posted Wed, Aug 08, 2012 by Martuk

Gameforge’s trek into the Star Trek universe has come to an unfortunate end. Last November the publisher suffered a round of layoffs that claimed 100 jobs and stalled the development of Star Trek: Infinite Space. Efforts were made to find a co-publisher to finish the game’s development since last fall with publisher Bigpoint expressing an interest, however, that didn’t happen.

Today we've learned that Star Trek: Infinite Space has officially been cancelled. In a translated statement to Games Industry International, a Gameforge spokesperson stated:

“We have decided with a heavy heart to finally abandon the project Star Trek: Infinite Space. The discontinuation is very regrettable. Unfortunately it happens from time to time that a good concept for a game cannot be implemented as originally planned."

Star Trek: Infinite Space was announced back in 2010 as a free-to-play browser-based title. For now, Trek fans will have to stick with Star Trek Online for their Trek-based online gaming experience.

Source: Games Industry International


After failing to find a publishing partner, Gameforge pulls the plug on the development of Star Trek: Infinite Space.

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