Federation Races: Liberated Borg

Updated Sat, Jan 30, 2010 by Dalmarus

You are a former Borg drone. You were taken from your home and assimilated into the Borg Collective, and spent a period of time as a Borg. You have taken part in the assimilation of thousands of even millions of other individuals.

Something or someone has severed your connection to the Collective. You have regained a portion of your former identity and are now trying to rebuild your life as a human. You retain some of your Borg knowledge or even cybernetic implants that assist you in your duties.

Transition back into the normal world has been difficult. You find humanoid emotions difficult to understand, and even your own impulses are strange to you. Your implants may make other beings fear you as the fear the Borg. Without the Collective to depend upon, you must find your own way in the galaxy.

Borg Required Traits

+5 bonus to Starship Shield, Engine, Energy Weapon, and Auxilary Systems Efficiency
Borg Nanites
+10% Health Regeneration, +10% Shield Regeneration

Additional Traits to Choose: 2

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