Star Trek Online: Federation Racial Traits

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Creating the character of your dreams involves knowing what traits are available to you, what they each do, and which races can utilize them. Can Andorians choose Nerve Pinch? Can Humans use Warp Theorist? Ten Ton Hammer has all the answers for you right here!

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Improves the accuracy of space weapons.
+10% Accuracy

Acute Senses

Makes it significantly easier to detect stealthed opponents and increases your exploit damage by 10%.
+20% Stealth Sight and +10% Exploit Damage


Improves the damage you deal and makes enemies more likely to attack you over other targets.
+5% All damage bonus strength, +5% Threat Generation


Improves your operations stat, which enhances ship deflector, emitter, and sensors abilities.
+10 Starship Operations Training

Borg Nanites

Constantly regenerates shields and health.
+10% Health Regeneration, +10% Shield Regeneration

Borg Neural Blast

Inject the target with neural toxins, which continually attempt to hold the target for the duration. Also reduces the target's movement speed.
-75% Run Speed for 30 sec, 40% chance: +2 Hold for 3 seconds, applies Hold Resist upon expiration.


Circulatory Redundancies

Provides innate resistance to the effects of toxins and fires.
+10% Plasma Damage resistance, +40% Toxic Damage resistance, +25% Fire Damage resistance


Provides moderate resistance to fire damage and some resistance to plasma fire DoT effects.
+10% Plasma Damage resistance (only affects certain things), +25% Fire Damage resistance

Corrosive Blood

Provides innate resistance to the efets of toxins. Whenever you are bitten, your corrosive blood inflicts toxic damage on the attacker.
+20% Toxic Resistance, Deals Toxic Damage when Bitten (DoT)


Increases the effectiveness of your stealth abilities and boosts exploit damage by 20% while stealthed.
+10% Aggression Stealth strength, +10% Perception Stealth strength


Improves the damage and healing of your kit powers.
+5% Damage and Healing with Kits


Provides a bonus to efficiency stats, improving the effectiveness of many of your power management abilities.
+5 bonus to Starship Shield, Engine, Energy Weapon, and Auxilary Systems Efficiency


Reduces the chance for enemy ships to hit you with their weapons.
+10% Defense


Reduces the amount of attention you attract during battle and improves the rate at which your team recovers hitpoints.
+5% team Health Regeneration, -20% Threat Generation


Gradually increases your damage once your health drops below half, making you deal more damage the closer you come to death.
+??% All Damage bonus strength


Increases damage resistance and threat generation
+5% All Damage resistance, +10% Threat Generation

Hyper Metabolism

Constantly regenerates health and provides innate resistance to the effects of radiation and toxins.
+33 Radiation and Toxic Damage resistance, +10% Health Regeneration


Inspires your ship crew leading to faster damage and subsystem repair.
+15% Repair Rate

Limited Telepathy

Improves the duration of exposes and makes it significantly easier to detect stealthed opponents
+20% Stealth Sight


Provides innate resistance to the effects of psionic attacks as well as confuse and placate.
+30% Psionic, Confuse and Placate Resistance


Increases critical hit chance and expose chance. Does not stack with other expose chance buffs.
+3% Critical Chance

Mental Discipline

Provides innate resistance to the effects of psionic attacks as well as confuse and placate.
+15% Psionic Damage resistance, +20% Confuse and Placate resistance

Mind Meld

Applies a short duration hold and a longer duration confuse to the target. Mind Meld is difficult to resist.
Hold, +1 Confuse

Natural Armor

Provides innate resistance to physical and energy damage.
+10% Physical Damage resistance, +3% All Energy Damage resistance

Natural Immunities

Provides innate resistance to the effects of radiation and toxins.
+33% Radiation Damage resistance, +33% Toxic Damage resistance

Nerve Pinch

Precise pinch on the target's neck. Prevents the target from taking action for the duration.
Holds target for 10 seconds, applies stun upon expiration.

Peak Health

Improves maximum health and toxic resistance.
+10% Toxic Damage resistances, +10% Maximum Hit Points

Physical Strength

Improves the damage of melee attacks
+10% Melee Damage


Provides innate resistance to physical and energy damage.
+5% Physical Damage resistance, +5% All Energy Damage resistance


Increases the damage and critical hit damage of your ranged weapons.
+5% All Energy Damage bonus strength, +10 Critical Severity


Allows you to constantly recover health and also increases the effectiveness of having abilities used on you.
+10% Heals Received and +10% Regeneration


Improves resistance against placate and abilities that reduce your movement speed or prevent you from acting.
+40% Run Speed resistance, +20% Hold resistance, +50% Placate resistance


Provides innate resistance to physical damage and knockback attacks.
+10% Physical and Kinetic Damage resistance, +10% Knockback Resistance

Sure Footed

Improves resistance against powers that knock you back or root you in place.
+40% Root resistance, +12% knockback resistance


Improves the exploit damage done by you and your allies.
+5% Team Exploit Damage


Improves your engineering stat, which increases the effectiveness of maintenance, repair, and performance powers.
+10 Starship Engineering Training


Knocks the target back with telekinetic force.
15 Physical Damage, Knocks back +30 feet


Improves chance of exposing a target as well as the duration of the expose. Makes it easier to detect stealthed opponents. Does not stack with other expose chance buffs.
+20 Stealth Sight, +1.5% Expose Chance, and +1 second Expose Duration

Warp Theorist

Improves your warp core stat, which increases the power levels of your ship.
+10 Starship Warp Core Training


An upgrade to Soldier, this trait increases ranged weapon damage, physical melee damage and crit damage.
+15% Physical Damage, +5% All Energy Damage, +15 Critical Severity


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