Cryptic Outlines Changes to STO's Season 7

Posted Wed, Nov 21, 2012 by Martuk

Ready the photons. Cryptic Studios has posted a holiday update to outline changes to Star Trek Online’s (STO) Season 7 update that will bring some major changes to the Special Task Force (STF) missions and Reputation system. The Reputation system will be undergoing a number of changes that include a reduction in project timers, adjustments to Dilithium rewards and more. STF in the meantime will see the return of loot rolls for a chance to earn special rewards and marks at the end of the mission along with the addition of loot drops to enemies and bosses.

Cryptic’s update also touches on the upcoming Winter event set to begin on December 6th, a month of Feature Episode reruns in February, new ships, anniversary events and more. Read all about it here.

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Source: Upcoming Season 7 Changes


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