Cryptic Studios Announces Transition Details to Perfect World

Cryptic Studios is now owned by Perfect World and new transition details have been released that players need to be aware of.
Last week we reported that free-to-play giant Perfect World closed the deal to acquired Champions Online and Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios from Atari. This week new details have emerged about the transition that players need to be aware of regarding their accounts.

For the time being, player accounts will remain as Cryptic accounts, but there may be a need in the future to transition it to a Perfect World account. Any remaining Atari Points that players have will be transitioned into Cryptic Points. As part of the transition, Cryptic will be revising its Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.

The good news for fans is that the development team for all of Cryptic’s games will remain intact. For a full list of the changes, be sure to check out the Transition FAQ .

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