Dan Stahl Returns to Cryptic as Foundry Senior Producer

Former Star Trek Online Executive Producer Dan Stahl returns to Cryptic to assume a new role with the Foundry team.

Update: Stahl leaves the executive producer role for new project.

Cryptic Studios has gained one of its members back with the return of former Star Trek Online Executive Producer Dan Stahl. Stahl vacated the Star Trek Online executive producer's chair in September and was succeeded by Stephen D'Angelo. After a brief stay with Farmville creator Zynga, Stahl chose to return to Cryptic.

Stahl will be assuming the role of senior producer managing the Foundry, the user generated content tools for Star Trek Online. Similar tools will be used in CrypticÂ’s upcoming MMORPG, Neverwinter.

In a post to the official Star Trek Online forums, Stahl explained his reason for returning.

After talking with Jack about returning, I accepted a position as a Sr. Producer managing the Foundry (UGC) tools at Cryptic Studios. I've always been passionate about User Generated Content and Community Developer involvement. Whether it was community deckbuilding software at Wizards of the Coast, the Xbox Community Developer Program at Microsoft, or more recently, the Foundry on STO, I've been a strong believer that if you build the right tools, game developers can partner with the community to build amazing content and applications.

Source: Star Trek Online Forums

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